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■ If the download error occurs after you purchase, Please dont worry, We will repair in 2 hours.


■ After the repair can download again for free, dont need to repeat the purchase.


■ If you can’t download it after 2 hours, Please leave a message below. We will solve it at the first time.


■ If you have any question,please leave a message.. Thank you for your cooperation!


63 thoughts on “Help & Suggestion

  1. Hi,

    My points got added, but now I can’t download my purchases! It’s been over 24 hours.

    212502134 PSQ-1 新人レースクイーンのハイレグSEX1
    218026770 KHE-5 ハイレグエロスクイーン5
    214807778 KHE-03 ハイレグエロスクイーン3
    217004964 KHE-7 ハイレグエロスクイーン7

  2. Hi,

    I purchased 100 points over 6 hours ago. They still have not been applied to my account, despite payment being approved. Thanks.

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